• Journal of Co-operative and Business Studies (JCBS)

    The Journal of cooperative and Business Studies (JCBS) is one of the bi-annual journals of the Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU) publishing articles in the area of co-operative development and business management. The articles include research works, book reviews, book chapters, article reviews, and case studies. Publishable articles focus on the co-operative theory, practical experiences, and policy issues related to cooperative development and business management.  It is a peer-reviewed journal with a special focus on the associative economy of economically active low-income producers, distributors, and consumers.

  • East Africa Journal of Social and Applied Sciences (EAJ-SAS)

    The East African Journal of Social and Applied Sciences (EAJ-SAS) is a multidisciplinary and biannual double-blind peer-review Journal that publishes articles online and in print media. Since its establishment, the Journal has provided a platform for researchers and academics to share their research findings, knowledge and experiences through research/scholarly articles, book reviews, article reviews and case commentaries.