1. Focus and scope

The EAJ-SAS is a platform for discussion and debate in social and applied sciences. The Journal focuses on cultural issues, gender studies, laws, management science, information science and information technology, knowledge management, education and economics. 

2. Manuscript Review Process

2.1 Invitation to review manuscript

Reviewer will receive an invitation to peer review accompanied with a copy of abstract to help in making decision of whether to do the review or not. Reviewers are expected and encouraged to respond to the invitations promptly to prevent delays. It is also important at this stage to declare any potential Conflict of Interest.

2.2 Role of the reviewer

The role of the reviewer is to advise the journal editors on the quality and reputation of the manuscript received for publication consideration prior to publishing it. On the other hand, the reviewer is the mentor to authors. This means that reviewer can provide advice about language used, structure and formatting of the manuscript. More importantly can advise the author if the manuscript is worth for publishing with EAJ-SAS or not.

3. Muniscript Editing 

The Editorial Office of the EAJ-SAS shall not take any responsibility for the contents of articles published and that all such responsibility shall lie with the author(s). The opinions expressed in the articles are solely of the author(s) and the EAJ-SAS may not agree with such opinions in part or in full. However, Editors of the EAJ-SAS have responsibilities towards the authors who provide the content of the journal, reviewers who comment on the suitability of manuscripts for publication, readers of the journal and the academic community, the owners/publishers of the journals, and the public as a whole as expressed in the Journal’s guidelines.

Any members of the editorial office should require disclosure of any conflicts of interest. In order to establish and maintain high-quality Journal content, editors have full responsibility for editorial decisions on each individual manuscript. Therefore it is in this context, the editorial office of the EAJ-SAS essentially is responsible for what appears in the Journal.