Competency-Based Teaching for Enhancement of Co-operative Knowledge Transfer A Reflective Analysis of Pedagogical Practices at Moshi Co-operative University in Tanzania

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Odax Lawrence


Competency-based teaching is widely acknowledged as a crucial approach for fostering skill development and competencies among students at various educational levels. Since its adoption by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania in 2005, competency-based teaching has been integrated into both secondary and tertiary education systems, including at Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU). Despite its official implementation, the effectiveness of competency-based teaching methods has been hindered by a lack of comprehensive understanding among lecturers, leading to a persistence of traditional teaching approaches. This study examined the impact of competency-based teaching on cooperative knowledge transfer at MoCU, with a specific focus on lecturers’ comprehension of competency-based teaching methodologies and assessment practices. Utilising a qualitative approach with a single case study design, the research involved 40 participants, including lecturers, head of departments, key informants, and students. Data collection methods encompassed interviews, classroom observations, document analysis, and focus group discussions, with analysis conducted through thematic analysis. The findings illuminate a notable gap in lecturers’ understanding of competency-based teaching, resulting in a limited application of its methods and assessment procedures. Traditional teaching techniques remain predominant, with learner-centred approaches such as field visits and cooperative learning being neglected. Additionally, lecturers exhibit a lack of familiarity with diverse assessment methods, primarily relying on written tests. In light of these findings, targeted in-service training for lecturers is recommended, with a specific emphasis on competency-based teaching strategies. Furthermore, there is a need to diversify teaching and assessment techniques to foster student engagement and critical thinking. Allocating additional time for competency-based teaching training and encouraging the adoption of varied instructional methods will contribute to enriching the cooperative learning experience at MoCU.


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Lawrence, O. (2023). Competency-Based Teaching for Enhancement of Co-operative Knowledge Transfer: A Reflective Analysis of Pedagogical Practices at Moshi Co-operative University in Tanzania. East Africa Journal of Social and Applied Sciences (EAJ-SAS), 5(2), 17–30.